10+ Shooting Skills You Need To Practice- Now that society is breaking down in so many parts of America, the time to truly look into and developing shooting skills to protect ourselves and our families and loved ones is upon us.

Now that society is breaking down in so many parts of America, the time to truly look into and developing shooting skills to protect ourselves and our families and loved ones is upon us. There is no need to say who, what, when or why at this point, the breakdown is here and may be on our doorsteps sooner than later.

There are so many new gun owners that firearms for self-defense are flying off the shelves and many shops can’t keep ammunition for these guns in stock. But the mindset I’m talking about here is for everyone.

With this knowledge and hearing the lamentation of the victims of violence combined with the reluctance of some government organizations to de-fund their police departments, there is only one alternative; we must learn to defend ourselves.

With the realization that not all city and states have this breakdown, we still have to be aware that these roving bands could very well show up in any part of the nation at any time. Being prepared is the only solution.

The Most Important Step

Handling and learning your particular firearm is very important. It doesn’t matter what you are carrying or own for self and home protection, but it does matter that you know how to use it.

Shooting Range

Yes, going to the shooting range is the first step in learning proper shooting technique.

But, when you need to use it, you won’t be behind a nice shooting stand with calm surroundings and being able to get into a good Weaver stance, or have a range master, nor will you have eye or ear protection.

The emergency will jump on you fast and an immediate response will be required. So, what is your best weapon to survive? Your brain is by far your best weapon. Stay out of troubled areas if you can. Avoid situations that may cause trouble. You don’t go into a biker bar or cowboy bar at 2:00 am and become a nuisance. Don’t ask for trouble and avoid it when possible. Yes, sometimes, it’s not possible.

These emergency situations will have your heart racing, your breath coming in gasps and probably so many things running through your mind that it may take those critical moments when you need to be composed away from you.

There is no video game, no formal range time or other training to prepare you for those few moments that your life or the life of a loved one is in the balance. When bullets are flying by you, or a gang is beating you or your loved one is not the time to learn – it’s a time to act in self-defense.

Another Essential Aspect of Gun Ownership

Cleaning a Gun

Now is the time to truly learn how to shoot your firearm. Taking an auto loading firearm down for cleaning is an important aspect of gun ownership. Keep your firearm clean.

Know how to use it with your dominant hand and with your non-dominant hand. Learn how to reload it one handed with either hand.

This may involve some strange contortions, but a valuable exercise if you ever need to do that. If wounded or in a fight, this may very well save your life. Of course, learn how to clear a jam, with either a handgun or rifle. (They put a forward assist on AR type rifles for a reason.)

The Right Mind-Set

Put yourself in a hunter’s or soldier’s mind-set. They are continually facing difficult terrain having to shoot after running uphill to get to a good location to shoot, dealing with trees, brush or other obstacles before they can get a good shot.

Running to get your heart beating fast to get used to finding that front sight or scope cross hairs and hold steady to get an accurate shot.

Shooting Positions You Need To Practice

Shoot from the kneeling position, like if you were attacked and knocked down.

Shoot from the prone with rifle or handgun, then roll over and shoot at the target from your back and over your head.

Move and shoot and move again; this could be a key to survival.

As you walk through town or the grocery store or wherever you are, look for things that could be used as a barrier or a place to conceal yourself if danger presented itself. Then, put yourself in that position when you do get a chance to practice shooting. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. I can’t emphasize this enough. Know where you are in the event you need to call for help.

At home, imagine an intruder or several crashing into your home. What furniture can you use as a barrier or to conceal yourself? How would you to get to a firearm and bring it to bear in seconds. Have you thought about using a mattress to conceal yourself from an intruder bent on violence? Would the mattress help or hinder? What kind of protection do the walls of your house provide?

Shooting From A Moving Vehicle

Shooting from a Moving Vehicle

If possible, learn to shoot from a moving vehicle. Soldiers need this ability all the time and it appears that we may very well need this ability as well. Shoot under a vehicle at a target at different ranges, as vehicles may be your best or only concealment. So many things to think about, I know. But, learn one aspect at a time.

If you can’t find an open spot to shoot in odd positions, learn to dry-fire in your residence. Run in place pick a target and close your eyes to bring the front sight into line with that target before opening your eyes to see how well you did. It’s not easy, but these little exercises may be the difference between living and not.

Shooting Skills You Need To Practice

Dry firing is a great way to learn, but do be careful not to have a loaded firearm around when you plan to practice.

Many police cadets in learning to shoot have put a bullet into a cabinet, a refrigerator or the TV strictly by accident. Don’t be like that – be ultra-safe.

Never get cocky with a firearm. Don’t let movie actors be your model. Except in rare cases, they aren’t given real guns with real ammunition and are there to entertain and present a story. Please don’t think you are so cool as to hold a pistol sideways – don’t be stupid, ever. Your life and those you love hang in the balance.

A Few Other Thoughts

  • If your state restricts certain firearms, obey the law. There are many fine firearms which will more than serve you well that are not illegal. For instance, old school lever action “deer” rifles are quite well equipped to serve and old-time cops used to use semi-auto deer hunting rifles with 10 round after market magazines in some serious calibers like: 308 Win, 30-06, 243 Win, etc.  in the performance of their duties with excellent effect.
  • Be aware that shooting and/or killing another human being has some severe emotional and legal ramifications. Some insurance and legal advice will be required if you are involved in a shooting. Even if found not-guilty, the costs of defending ourselves in our legal system is outrageous. Some individual attorneys specialize in this type of case and offer insurance for just such instances. Living with the aftermath of a shooting can be traumatic and will surely leave you a different person.
  • For some real-life tests for particular guns and situations, I can highly recommend Paul Harrell on YouTube. Some of his old video’s are most revealing and the testing he does is very well done. His older videos were made in a different time, and the issues facing us today may not be exactly what he is testing, but it will give you some great ideas on how to train.

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