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Welcome to My New doomsday Blog

The Ultimate SHTF Plan From An Army Vet- (People who prepare themselves for the urban survival lifestyles and survivalists believe this is the stage when a civilization is undergoing a complete breakdown.)

Although the actually letters “SHTF” contain a profanity, let’s just say that this term refers to some really horrible scenario happening when the “Sewage” Hits The Fan. For preppers and survivalists this means something like a terror attack, an economic collapse or a failure of the national power grid. When the “SHTF” scenario unfolds, then…

How America Became Superpower (Half of Americans think US will lose superpower status within ten years)

For over three decades, the United States of America has been chest-thumping about being the world’s “sole remaining superpower“. Some in the US establishment have even claimed that the US has become the world’s first “hyperpower“. And indeed, in the immediate aftermath of the Soviet dismantlement, the US-led political West seemed unbeatable, unilaterally starting wars…

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