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8 Silent Weapons To Have Against Intruders (Protecting your home and family is generally speaking a very important task, but nowadays it seems to be more important than it ever before was.)

Protecting your home and family is generally speaking a very important task, but nowadays it seems to be more important than it ever before was. While the riots we’ve seen have been mostly limited to commercial areas and restaurants, there have been some demonstrations in residential areas too. As it looks right now, it’s only a matter of time until rioters start breaking into homes and looting.

Of course, it doesn’t take a riot for those with a criminal mindset to invade your home. An estimated 3.7 million burglaries are committed each and every year, with members of the household being attacked in at least seven percent of the cases.

Based upon past experience with looting after disasters, it is widely believed that there will be a lot of people who turn to looting and crime in order to find food and other critical supplies in the wake of a major disaster.

Should there ever be a breakdown of law and order, we can expect that criminals will be quick to recognize it and take full advantage of the situation, as there will be nothing to restrain them, but any fear they might have of armed homeowners.

In reality, defending ourselves has always been a personal responsibility. Due to the restrictions that police are under, they are unable to defend us. Rather, they operate in a reactionary mode, coming in after the fact to investigate who committed the crime and punish the wrongdoers. But as we’ve seen in the recent riots, police have an even harder time doing that during times of crisis.

This is at least part of the reason for the Second Amendment, providing us with the means of defending ourselves and our homes. Our right to own and carry firearms is our biggest protection, but what if we don’t want to make the noise a gunshot makes?

Why wouldn’t we want to make that noise? For the same reason that criminals don’t want to make noise when they break into a home: to avoid attracting attention. That attacker who just broke into your home might have friends, so if you have to deal with him (or her), you might not want to attract their attention. If that’s the case, what can you use?

Stun Cane

8 Silent Weapons to Have Against Intruders

Tasers are often touted as a great self-defense weapon. But they have one major drawback; they’re a contact weapon.

You actually have to get that taser in contact with the person you want to hit, which means that they will have a chance to get their hands on you, maybe even take that taser out of your hand.

If you’re going to use a taser, it just makes more sense to use one that qualifies as a “melee weapon.” In other words, a taser that you can use at arm’s length, giving you the advantage of reach. Better yet, make that taser in such a way that if they try and grab it, to pull it out of your hands, they’ll get zapped.

That’s essentially what a stun cane is. There are several styles of these, some looking like a walking stick that an older person might use, and some looking like a walking stick that a hiker might. Either way, they do the same thing, zapping the attacker, and giving you a chance to get away.

Excellent In Close Quarters

8 Silent Weapons to Have Against Intruders

Whether we’re talking a knife or a sword, there’s something about a blade which can make eyes go wide, right before people start peeing in their pants.

People who can stare down the barrel of a gun may not be able to do that with naked steel. There’s just something about looking at that blade and realizing that the person holding it wants to sink it in your guts, that’s frightening.

Even so, you don’t want to try and defend yourself with any sort of blade, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Both knives and swords are excellent weapons in close quarters, when in the hand of someone who knows what they are doing. But they can be easily taken away from the person who just expects to be able to strike fear in the heart of their opponent.

The Most Fearsome Melee Weapon

8 Silent Weapons to Have Against Intruders

Swords fall into a category known as “melee weapons”, which are medieval weapons intended for use in a melee or at arm’s length.

There are many other weapons we could look at in this category, such as clubs and spears, but probably the most fearsome melee weapon there is, is the axe.

The advantage of using any melee weapon is that you can keep an attacker at arm’s length. If they’re holding a knife and you’ve got a club, you have an advantage of reach, even though they have a more dangerous weapon. So if they have a knife and you have an axe, you have a definite advantage.

The axe is a berserker weapon, meaning that you can just go crazy with it. I’ve seen people go up against trained swordsmen with an axe and totally dominate them. While it wouldn’t be much use against a gun, I’d grab an axe to defend my home against a thug carrying a knife or club any day. It might make a few holes in the wall in the process, but that’s okay; you can always fix them.

Used For So Many Millennia

8 Silent Weapons to Have Against Intruders bow

The bow is an amazing weapon, which explains why it has survived through so many millennia.

It is a silent weapon with great accuracy and a decent range. In the hands of someone who really knows what they’re doing, it’s as deadly as a firearm. The problem with a bow is that it is hard to use indoor, unless you are in a large room.

Firing a bow requires even more room than a rifle, even though it is silent. On the other hand, if you are trying to protect your property from an intruder, rather than just your home, and you want a silent weapon, the bow is definitely the way to go.

Martial Arts Weapons

8 Silent Weapons to Have Against Intruders

Most martial arts weapons qualify as melee weapons as well. They all seem to have originated from tools used by common workers, who were not allowed to own swords and spears. So they learned how to use the tools at hand as weapons. This has developed into a number of very effective weapons, when in the hands of someone who knows how to use them.

That’s the problem with martial arts weapons though; you have to know how to use them. It takes quite a bit of time and a lot of training to become even marginally proficient in them, unlike the axe, which anyone can grab and start swinging. Even so, if you know how to use martial arts weapons or have the time to learn, it’s definitely worth your while.

A Less Lethal Option

8 Silent Weapons to Have Against Intruders

If you want more range than just the length of a cane, then you should consider a taser gun. Originally developed as a less lethal option for the police, the taser gun is now available to civilians in most states. They shoot two darts with wires trailing behind, supplying the electrical charge.

Powered by compressed nitrogen, the taser gun makes a small pop, rather than the bang of a normal gun. However, they are a one-shot weapon, needing reloading before they can be used again. Oh, and the police will know it was you that shot it, because the markers are serialized.

Wasp Spray

8 Silent Weapons to Have Against Intruders

Another common self-defense weapon that’s dangerous to use is pepper spray. While more effective than chemical mace, pepper spray has to be used at contact distance, just like a taser. If you have to get that close with a weapon, there’s always a chance of it being taken away and used against you.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable pepper spray that works at 20 feet, regardless of what the packaging says. On the other hand, wasp spray is designed to work at that distance, so that we can kill off wasps’ nests, without having to get close enough to the creatures. Used in self-defense, wasp spray is just about as effective as pepper spray, especially if you hit them in the face.

There is one danger though in using wasp spray. That is, it can cause permanent damage to the eyes or lungs. For this reason, it is considered illegal in some places. That can probably be argued in court, but it may have to go to court. So if you choose this option, be sure you’ve thought about that risk.

Suppressed Pistol

8 Silent Weapons to Have Against Intruders

A suppressed pistol really isn’t silent, so it’s not the best weapon to use if you’re trying to avoid attracting attention.

The suppressor doesn’t make the gunshot sound anything like what we’ve all heard in the movies; rather, it reduces the sound that the pistol makes by about 30dB. That’s usually enough to hide what the sound is, but it isn’t silent, and it certainly wouldn’t be silent indoors.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have the necessary skills to use any other sort of weapon, then a suppressed pistol is a better option than an unsuppressed one. The lower volume may be hidden by a noisy television or music; at least enough to confuse any partner lurking outdoors, or in another part of the house.

What other silent weapons do you have in mind? Please leave a comment and share them below.

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