What Kind Of Guns Are Best Stored To Leave As An Inheritance

Anyone who has ever gone in a gun store understands that guns can be expensive. Those of us who own several of them (and who doesn’t?) can have quite a bit of money invested in our gun collection. That makes it something to be considered as an important part of our kids’ inheritance, when the time comes.

But the financial value of our guns isn’t the only reason to consider carefully what we’re leaving behind. Ongoing efforts by leftist politicians to eliminate or severely restrict our Second Amendment rights could make it difficult or outright illegal for our children to buy the guns they might want in the future.

That means that leaving our guns to them is more than leaving something of financial value, it’s leaving a legacy of being able to throw off a tyrannical government, should that become necessary; the very reason why we have a Second Amendment in the first place.

Granted, few people think about their legacy when buying guns, but maybe we should. Rather than just buying guns because we like them, perhaps we should be looking at those guns from the viewpoint of what they will mean to our kids, either from a financial or from a freedom point of view. If the choice is between buying one gun or another (as it often is), then it just make sense to buy guns which will mean more to our kids than just being guns.

With that in mind, here are some ideas of what kinds of guns you might want to consider buying, or what of your guns you might want to take some extra care in storing away, just to make sure that your kids end up with them.

Guns with Sentimental Value

Pass them on to Your Children as an Inheritance

Probably the most important category of firearms to leave to your children are those with some sort of sentimental value. This can mean different things to different people.

Perhaps it’s the gun your child shot their first deer with or one that belonged to your granddad. Maybe it’s one they carried in the war or an enemy firearm they brought back home as a souvenir.

Regardless of where that gun came from, it’s something that has meaning to your family. That makes it worth having.

Historic Firearms

Pass them on to Your Children as an Inheritance

Perhaps some of those family heirlooms are old enough to be considered historic firearms.

If so, they could be worth a lot of money. Old firearms, especially rare historic pieces, can be extremely valuable. I know a man who was able to secure a loan to buy property and build his home, using his historic firearm collection as collateral.

True antique collectors of any sort know how to find a bargain. They rarely pay full price for the things they collect. Rather, they keep their eyes open for deals on items, which others don’t realize the value of.

My friend built his antique firearm collection that way and my mother built a collection of antique glass the same way. In both cases, they paid much, much less than the “book value” of their acquisitions.

Commemorative Firearms

Pass them on to Your Children as an Inheritance

If you want to buy firearms that will go up in value, then you should be looking at commemorative firearms.

Many of these are absolutely beautiful engraved pieces, and only a few of them are made. While the market for reselling these commemorative firearms is small, people are willing to pay big bucks for them.

My dad’s retirement business was carving custom gun-stocks for one-of-a-kind commemorative firearms. These were typically done for collectors, but a few of his pieces are on display at museums now. A well done commemorative firearm is truly a work of art; something that is worth putting on display.


What Kind of Guns are Best Stored, so You can Pass them on to Your Children as an Inheritance

If there is any one category of firearms that our children may not be able to buy, it’s the various models of the AR-15. More than any other category of firearm on the market, AR-15s are in the sights of those who want to diminish or eliminate our right to bear arms.

The stated reason for going after our AR-15s is that they are “assault rifles” or “military grade firearms,” both of which are untrue statements. Yes, they look like military grade firearms, they’re supposed to. But they aren’t.

Nevertheless, if there is ever a second civil war or revolutionary war in our country, this will be the number one firearm used by the public. That’s probably the real reason why they want to take them away from us.

Semi-Automatic Pistols

Pass them on to Your Children as an Inheritance

The other category of firearms that seems to come under attack is semi-automatic pistols, especially those with large magazine capacities.

Again, there’s a stated reason for this, but there’s also the potential for a more nefarious reason to try and take them from us. Going up against armed soldiers is bad enough; doing so with a six-shooter doesn’t sound like any fun at all.

Semi-automatic pistols also happen to be the best thing to use in defending yourself and your home. That alone is a good reason to make sure that you leave some to your kids. I actually ended up giving my daughter and her husband matching pistols as a wedding gift. I’ve got a great picture of them, looking like a couple of gangsters, with their matching pistols.

Ghost Guns

Pass them on to Your Children as an Inheritance

If they ever do manage to start confiscating firearms, our best protection and the best protection for our children, is to have untraceable firearms.

In other words, I’m talking about firearms that don’t have a serial number stamped on them. This is actually legal, if you build the firearm 100% by yourself.

There are a number of firearm frames or lower receivers which you can buy 80% versions of. This means that the frame or receiver is only 80% complete. They haven’t been completed by the manufacturer.

According to the law, they are parts in process, so they don’t have to have a serial number. The serial number would have to be added once the parts pass the next step in manufacturing. But if you do that step yourself, finishing out the part and then the gun, they never have to have a serial number added, because you aren’t a firearms manufacturer.

This makes them completely off the books and untraceable by the government.

Should gun confiscations ever start, there would be no way of the government knowing that these guns exist. Therefore, as long as they are kept hidden, they would not be confiscated. That would make them available to your children to defend family and home, or even if there is a second American revolution.

Black Powder Reproduction Firearms

Pass them on to Your Children as an Inheritance

Another category of firearms that are not regulated and tracked are black powder firearm reproductions, which are considered historic firearms. You can buy kits for a number of different models of black powder rifles and pistols, which can be built by anyone with a decent workshop and average do-it-yourself skills.

The resulting firearms will be both functional and attractive.

Granted, these would not be very effective in that second American revolution; but they would still be effective for home defense.

Besides, it’s just something cool to have in a case, hanging on the wall. For your kids to be able to say “Yeah, my dad made that” would probably be a great experience for them.

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